Have you ever wondered or felt a presence in your house, maybe a lost relative or loved one?  Ever wanted to confirm that what your feeling is actually there?

Give us an email now and have the TNP team come and investigate and document your home.  Jon and Karina would love to help and provide some answers as to what you are experiencing.  There is no fee or cost just your time and an email to info@truenorthparanormal.com.


Disembodied foot steps

Knock and scratching noises

Feelings of being watched


Very high EMF

Multiple sources of high EMF

No paranormal activity recorded

Exposed heating cooling ducts


Replace old ballists

Enclose heating/cooling ducts


Physical touches

Shadow people

Uneasy feelings/being watched

​Disembodied voices


Spirit box responses with name

​Indiscernible EVP

No negative/evil presence

Unexplained object moving


Full house cleansing

Activity present is not dangerous

​Take back control of house

Jon and Karina head into the interior of British Columbia to assist a family in a two apartment residence that has been experiencing a lot of paranormal activity. 

​19.5 minutes


PRESENTLY, we are only accepting locations in southern British Columbia.

True North Paranormal

Jon and Karina assist a single mother and her teenage kids who report varies activities in their home. This includes knocks, foot steps...when no one is there and feelings of being watched.