True North Paranormal


Achieve global success as a Canadian paranormal investigation TV show.


The paranormal research and investigation sector of the TV industry is one of the most watched and rapidly growing demographics for public popularity.

​This sector of the TV industry is dominated by USA based programs.  True North Paranormal feels it is long overdue to add another great TV show with a Canadian flare!

Karina’s journey has been filled with twists and turns in her quest to try to explain the unexplained. From age eight, she has been questioning what really lies beyond the veil of physical perception. She has felt different energies of people and objects around her and wasn’t quite sure how to interpret them. She became increasingly interested and curious leading her to listen to others’ differing opinions and/or practices but not considering the mainstream. She chose what she considered the best of all believes and made them her own discovering that she is an empath along the way. 
In addition, Karina also regularly uses her energy to help heal through the alternative healing methods such as Reiki as well as choosing tarot and runes to gain spiritual insight.

Jon’s story begins with being fascinated with the paranormal ever since he could remember as a small child. His friends would tell him ghost stories and he would challenge them by coming up with a logical explanation. As skeptical as he was he couldn’t help but wonder if there might have actually been some truth in their stories. He spent the next 30-years trying to discover the truth for himself.
It’s what attracted him to become part of the team, using his technical savvy to investigate with as much of a fine-toothed comb approach as possible. He has not only caught video and audio evidence of spirits, but he has seen evidence with his physical eyes…one example is a mist appearing during an investigation. He is open minded looking for rationality in the explainable with a constant want for truth.

Dean comes from a totally different background, he is post-secondary educated in the science sector.  He spent the better part of his career conducting research  in the biological sciences at the provincial, federal and even the international levels.  Science is Dean's discipline and is a skeptic at heart, looking for reasonable explanations to the unknown.  He is an expert in methodology and the principles of conducting scientific study and background research.  However, Dean is also an avid fan of paranormal research and has studies the techniques, equipment, theories, etc...  He is a true-believer in fact-based, evidence supported conclusions.  He will exhaust all avenues before he claims that something is not explainable or paranormal in nature.  Even then...his mind continues to attempt to explain the un-explainable!!

Jon, Karina and Dean are TRUE NORTH PARANORMAL.

full night time investigation using nightshot (IR) production cameras, stationary IR cameras using night vision burst filming, motion/temperature triggered cameras and various ghost hunting equipment. These one-hour long episodes/investigations will be produced in Season One throughout Western Canada with the long-term goal of filming Canada-wide.

True North Paranormal wants to strive to be the first successful Canadian based paranormal investigation TV show to go global.


TNP is based on the investigations of two paranormal researchers based out of Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.  Jon and Karina are a husband/wife team and Hosts of TNP.  Each episode will have a historic research component on the establishment, interviews with the owners and those whom have had experiences, an empath walk-through   during   the   daytime  and then   a